CWU Partnerships

Hebron University of Palestine (HUP) - Palestine

Hebron University is a non-profit, public university in the city of HebronWest Bank. It has an undergraduate enrollment of more than ten thousand students. Cyprus West University made a partnership with Hebron University in 2020 to share experiences and knowledge by exchanging students.

European Polytechnical University (EPU) - Bulgaria

The European Polytechnical University (Европейски политехнически университет), or EPU, is a private engineering university, located in Pernik, Bulgaria. The university was established in 2010. It offers both undergraduate and post-graduate programs. It is accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. Cyprus West University made a partnership with EPU in 2019 to exchange students and try to improve their quality by sharing facilities and experiences.

Pegaso International University (PIU) - Malta

Pegaso International, headquartered in Malta, is a Lifelong Learning HEI established on July 13, 2015, accredited by the Maltese National Commission of Further and Higher Education. PIU is member of the Multiversity Group, a network of universities aiming at providing international students worldwide with a flexible, inclusive and accessible education. CWU and PIU made an agreement in 2020 to transfer their knowledge and prepare a platform for students to use both sides advantages.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) - India

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a private university Located in Phagwara, Punjab, India. The university was established in 2005 by Lovely International Trust, under The Lovely Professional University Act. With 24,000 students in 2010, it claims to be the largest single-campus private university in India. In 2020 CWU made an agreement with LPU in order to cooperate and improve their capacity rely on their potential and facilities.