Student Development and Counseling Center

University and campus life is an environment that tests students as well as fun. The new social environment, new relationships, the development of new social skills and high expectations of academic performance can make university life difficult. The Cyprus West University Student Development and Counseling Centre is a unit that aims to enable students to cope with the challenges of university life, to improve their knowledge and skills and to live the university and campus life in the most efficient way. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Centre and Career Centre also support this unit.

The student development and counseling centre was established to solve all kinds of social and physical problems encountered by students during the academic year. The Centre aims to solve the problems of the students, keep their social lives alive, make positive contributions to the social and educational lives with the club activities and cooperate with the student council to make the interaction between students and the university efficient. Any problems that students may experience are solved in the student development and counseling centre and one-to-one contact is made with parents when necessary. In this way, a much warmer and more solid relationship is established with the students.

Affiliated Coordinators with the Student Development and Counseling Centre:

  • Student Clubs Coordination Office
  • Communication with the Alumni
  • Student Counseling Office